My oh my!! Is this guy talented!  Mike Peters - with a voice that makes any song sexy AND an  unbelievable talent on the keyboard.  He’s the youngest of the Tower Suite trio.  His humor keeps the group - and the audience - in sync!  Mike is one incredibly talented guy with a fantastic personality to match.

"Talent"", defined! A voice that makes any song "sing".  Joe Colarusso's versatility goes a long way.  He personifies the true meaning of the word entertainer. Joe also plays guitar and percussion for the group and adds his special humor to the stage to create a unique blend of music and laughter to every performance.

John Richetta on drums.   He’s also the host of Tempo Italiano, heard every Sunday from 9am to Noon on AM1470.  John’s been playing drums since he was 12 years old.  He’s toured across the United States with Tower Suite but the Lehigh Valley is his very favorite spot to play!  On a side note, John is also the drummer for King Henry & the Showmen.